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Updated knowledge

Apply the latest knowledge and information

Maximum speed

Customs clearance without waste of time

Ultimately accurate

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Sabapoolad  Customs  Brokerag Co. is IRICA-full   certified, connected   to   the electronic    declaration  system –  EPL, offer you a wide range of professional business services in the customs clearance field and  other relatives  services

We Know

we are aware of your most important concerns, so we prepare everything to provide aproprate business services for you. Our great dream is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
 For this purpose, we will never sacrifice the quality of service to a greater quantity extent and we never sacrifice the accuracy for more speed.Yes, we go slower but never get back

Trust and Commitment-
Customer Satisfaction-

Customer Satisfaction


Obtaining licenses and import permission, custom clearance, transportation and insurance, resolving customs dispute


Other customs

Order registration, obtaining a license, resolving tax disputes
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Rest assured

Obtaining licenses, registering orders, obtaining clearance, clearance, transportation and insurance, returning container, resolving customs dispute with yoghurt
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Door to door services

Delivery of the foreign goods you ordered in your home
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An online order of any goods from you

Foreign purchases, carriage of goods, customs clearance, delivery of home door to you with us
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Customs clearance

Clearance of all customs in the country
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we care

Professional clearance of your product with all its adjoining work
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Official customs brokerage

Handling all customs formalities for import and export
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Full Certified IRICA broker

Acting as a middleman between you and customs
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Custom Brokerage and clearance

SAPOLI Brokerage Co supplies as customs agent the following services

Customs has the responsibility to check all in  and outgoing goods. For this purpose the Iran’s customs has developed a system called EPL.Entering goods into the system is being done by companies with a permit

Order the goods

Illegal entry of goods and merchandise licensing order as soon as possible

Door to door services

Buy and external payments shipping customs clearance and delivery of goods

Customs formalities

Perform customs formalities for the entry of goods or delivery

Other Business Services

Goods transit,Strip, Settlement of documents,Inspection,Stockpile

Resolving customs dispute

Defend your rights against Customs at the Customs Clearance Commission


Our experts are ready to provide you any customs and commercial advice

About Us

Saba poolad costume brokerage is an official costume brokerage in I.R.I which holds its certificate to clear goods and services, the idea to run saba poolad backs to 1997 which was found since then saba poolad has walked  through a definite streamline to hit the target and get promotion this days it known as a powerful company for costume brokerage

:Service offering to its clients

Quality is not happened by chance yet it's sequence for a proper decision, fair preserving alterative leading and talented using quality is a choice you made from various options

why we choocesaba poolad

We've worked so hard to offer different services from others.

Our expertise and knowledge: our experience and 20 year persecute in market, appropriate understanding in business gather a team with an obligation and expertise – different and species in services –standardize process and actions

Our frequent obligation to gather better and fast – in-frost ruction creation competitive prices, we did and found all of them in saba poolad in order to be firs group

Bailment and keeping business secret
Customer satisfaction and client centric
Innovation and an obligation to have a creative procedure
Obligation and responsibilities



The most significant activities

Representing different services and various and professional business and costume services :

Sabapoolad costume brokerage gas gathered a knowledgeable obliged, sophisticated team it also has established number of offices in important costume areas, using a well planned program - frequent – online reports Is dealing

:Two particular aspects are

Dealing professional costume services and disputes
Giving business services and costume disputes

Side costume services

- Obtaining clearance – inland transportation, insurance, strip, packing correction, demurrage, refunding containers

Costums clearance services

Giving business services and costume disputes


We do believe in that we must keep our costumers credits and it wont happens unless by our costumers satisfaction , so we trying to do our services much better and our better services in 1397 is

Foreignbusiness consulting

Running in depending unit to advice and lead about foreign business

Corporate with sophisticate lawyers

Online reports running a system to inform the costumer about good clearance procedure

Costume Resolve the dispute

To run an independent unit to solve costume disputes

Services from consigner to consignee

 to consignee

Communication make world be a small and available village

You can  order your goods on net from all around the world and grab it at home , yet we've got a conflict in Iran with our credit deals currency transferring , import certificate and challenging costume brokerage with high risk

Saba poolad costume do to having a foreign business group and its office at Imam Khomeini costume is ready to offer those above services just in two simple steps

Choose your goods and inform us :Tell us what do you exactly need?How? When? And where?
As this a, b, c, we do the rest , Receive your goods in time , right place with      wanted quality

We know

we are aware of your most important concerns, so we Prepare everything  to provide aproprate business services for you

our main asset

We believe our customers are our main asset so getting their maximum satisfaction creates a long-term partnership with them

Our goals

Our goals are long-term, full support and protect our customers, and we are always there with you

business services

Custom brokerage&logistic

We provide wide range of international business services

imort and export

Marketing and Distribution

We are specialist in import and export goods from / to Iran and Middle East


High quality product

We produce food and beverages high quality product specially

Message from Director

We do believe in that maybe couldn't control our accelerated environment changes yet we always monitor and forecast exactly the treats and opportunities.

We are ready to adopt with peripheral changes we in Saba Poolad by establishing our offices at particular costume zones, we've had the effective presentation, we've also gathered the high educated experts and we armed us to 20 years experience to be such different and this is why we are different with others

We work so hard at Saba Poolad and we've taught many from our fails not to make them again in other to move steadily forward and this cause us we avoid of being back.

At Saba Poolad we do believe in that our customers are our main properties and their maximum satisfaction makes a long term corporation due to achieve this is our target we present absolutely different services.

Be with us to touch this difference.



delivers our products to a broad customer base


Multiple Customs clearance and other related  Services


Transport, Documentation,Sampling , quality control



Costume formalities to clear goods

Why do we should ask legal brokers to clear our goods.

According to law all products (goods) which are all going to import or export ,they must be monitored by costume offices and after applying law by paying tariffs to clear goods.

Costume clearance a technical and a complication action because of our numbers of goods, the clearance rules.

Especially as a work flow and goods declaration at costume zones are asked electronically, costume clearance is much more professional.

Legal license for those import and exports goods

As principle and significant   
In order to import and export goods the law has introduce a minimum for quality and also it set some organizations to it , so must ask those organizations for important certifications according to values defers in goods from those organization Saba Poolad by hiring expert and sophisticated employees are ready to offer any services .

Registration goods at ministry of industry

mine and trade   one of the require obligation to import goods in to Iran .
The purpose of the checking is to create a unique system to monitor and register the statistic for import goods by government.

Transferring goods

Saba Poolad corporate with railway road way and airways companies in Iran and overseas.